Indefensible Positions
by Remus Shepherd

(updated as info is revealed)
Here is the cast of major characters that have been seen so far, in order of appearance.  I have tried not to spoil too much of their personalities, secrets, or roles in the story, but there are links for you to follow to learn more about them.

The character we follow in Indefensible Positions, he has been thrown into a war he does not understand.  Only one chapter is titled 'Foil's Story', but his adventures and revelations continue throughout the entire tale.

Robert E. Lee
The Avatar of Chaos.
First appearance - Good appearances here and here.

Detective Timothy Portal
a.k.a. Portal
A now retired police officer, Detective Portal he has been seen working for Grant in less than legal activities.  Has displayed some ability with magic.
First appearance - Good appearances here, here, and here.

Tricia Jacobsen
A chaos witch -- a human who gains magic power through the ritualistic breaking of taboos.  She claims to have worked for Lee in the past, but is now retired and is trying to avoid the conflict between order and chaos.
First appearance - Good appearances here and here.

Demon.  Summoned into the body of a robotic dog by Tricia, Azile claims to be the memory of a deceased human being.  The spell that bound him should have expired long ago, but his proximity to Foil seems to be keeping him on the physical plane.  Azile has taken the role of Foil's bodyguard.
First appearance - Best appearance

Hank Jacobsen
a.k.a. The Zoophile
Tricia's brother, Hank is a zoophile, a misanthrope, and a particularly skilled gunslinger.  He wants nothing to do with the outside world, let alone Lee and Grant's war.  He is particularly protective of his sister.
First appearance - Best appearance

Ulysses S. Grant
The Avatar of Order.
First appearance - Best appearance

The Mosquito
If a mosquito drinks unusual blood, can it gain unusual abilities?  Apparently so.  But is it just a fleeting display of power, or the genesis of something more?
First appearance - Good appearances here and here.

Nick Manizma
a.k.a. Wirebound
A college student and obese football player, Nick has manifested the ability to meld his body with technological devices.  His body is now completely merged in circuitry, giving him invulnerable skin and superhuman strength.  Now as Wirebound, he works with Dr. Laskins and the Carte Cache.
First appearance - Best appearance

Dr. Deborah Laskins
a.k.a. Dead Debbie
A biochemist who discovered a formula to reanimate the dead, but was killed herself in the process.  Now she is a zombie, with some unusual abilities and a fixed brain chemistry that leaves her permanently blissful.  She has devoted her afterlife to helping others, and has recieved sponsorship from the Carte Cache.  But can a dead creature who is incapable of empathy or remorse be trusted?
First appearance - Best appearance

Louis Pinnelli
a.k.a. Orbstar
A technician who works for the Carte Cache, Louis aids Debbie...and monitors her activities for the Carte Cache.  Louis has several unique gadgets, including a forcefield generator of his own design, which he uses under the Carte codename Orbstar.
First appearance - Good appearances here and here.

Skeeter Dream
A demon created by the Mosquito, infused with the memories of all people whose blood the Mosquito has sampled.  Skeeter is a creature ruled by instinct and may well be insane by any human standards, his personality shifting between childlike naivete and driven, unknown purposes.
First appearance - Good appearances here and here.

Hooli Garva
An artist, at one time funded by Grant in his mortal guise as art patron and financier Donald Shiloh.
First appearance - Best appearance - Last appearance

Hooli's Demon -- the memories of her kept by the citizens of New York -- has taken physical form. Her intents are unknown.
First appearance - Good appearances here.

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