Indefensible Positions
by Remus Shepherd

Considering the nature of my comic, I'm willing to remove any links to any site at the owner's request.

I read and enjoy a lot of webcomics, but these are my favorites, ones that I unreservedly recommend:

Freefall -- The best darn little comic on the web.  I believe this it the spiritual successor to Pogo.
Schlock Mercenary -- My idol for smart sci-fi chic, storyline continuity, and update reliability.
MindMistress -- Silver-Age Superhero with brains
Something Positive -- The poster child for ugly ideas and attitudes that make the public love them.
Overcompensating -- This man is insane. That's really all you need to know.
Anywhere But Here -- If Goethe wrote for Doonesbury, it might look a lot like this.
Fallen Angels, Used Books -- A Gaimanesque modern fairy tale with stunning art.
Girl Genius -- Epic steampunk, done the Foglio way.

And check out the main page for the currently featured comic links -- friends of mine and great little comics that I think deserve more attention!

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